• How do I get people's attention with my music?

  • How do I reach out and network with somebody?

  • What is my path in the music industry?

  • How do I grow my fanbase?

  • Can I make money with my music?


Hi there,
My name is Dani Felt and it is so awesome to meet you. I know being in the music industry isn't easy. Giving up on your dreams in favor of something you feel is more secure can seem very tempting. I'm here to remind you that we don't do music to get rich, we do it because it is our calling! I know it can be overwhelming and I understand, I used to feel the same way. What if I told you there is an easier path through all this confusion. I want to help you create that path in these four areas of your life.
  • The first being mindset. I'm here to help you learn how shifting your perspective can help you create massive changes in your life. You will begin to attract the most amazing people, circumstances and opportunities. This also means that I will help you create a concise list of goals to help plan for these experiences!
  • Second, I want to help you build an amazing artist brand! I'll help you stand out in the crowd with a branding strategy that represents who you are, your values and your voice
  •  Third, I want to teach you all the tips and tricks I've used to build a powerful network. You will finally be able to find the right people so that you can build an amazing team.
  • Last but not least I want to help you make money with your talents. You are doing amazing things and you deserve to create abundance in your life! I have some amazing strategies that can help you begin to support yourself on your talents alone!
My promise to you is after going through my program you will feel more confident and more empowered. I have always had a passion for singing, songwriting, marketing and networking. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help you along your path. I know that, together, we can help you kick ass in your music career.

Lets do this!
Warm Regards,

Dani Felt



    Learn how to have your voice heard, gather a loving audience and prepare yourself for future music collaborations and success!


    Learn how to collaborate and mingle with artists and producers and land a future cut with a major artist.


    Learn how to create a brand for your compositions and tracks and build your portfolio for bigger and better artists.


    Learn how to bring that new "sound" to audiences world-wide and create a legacy through your band's music.


    Have an individual path to destiny? Learn what it means to create a personal brand and image for yourself while inspiring the masses.

  • DJ's and many more!

    There are more DJ's producing music every single day. Know what is means to get ahead of the curve and party your way to success.


  • Dani Felt

    CEO of Dani Felt Consultants